This streaming media platform has admitted massive data breach

Streaming media service Plex admitted a serious data breach that may have compromised emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords of its free robux web customers.
Plex is used by nearly 20 million people to stream video, audio and photos.
In an email sent to customers, the company said that it discovered suspicious activity on one of its databases.
“We immediately began an investigation and it does appear that a third-party was able to access a limited subset of data that includes emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords,” the company revealed.
According to The Verge, it was not clear if personal account information or private media libraries belonging to its customers have been compromised.
However, Plex told customers that “all account passwords that could have been accessed were hashed and secured in accordance with best practices”.
“We’ve already addressed the method that this third-party employed to gain access to the system, and we’re doing additional reviews to ensure that the security of all of our systems is further hardened to prevent future incursions,” said Plex.
Those who have Plex account should enable 2-factor authentication to secure their accounts.

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